Our Mission

To support safety net providers in managing and optimizing compliant 340B Programs, enabling focus on patient care.

We fully understand how critical 340B Program services can be to the operation of your Federally Qualified Health Center. From making it affordable to provide care in rural areas to support for vulnerable populations, the 340B Program is key in ensuring access to care for many people in this country. We believe it’s critical to ensure FQHCs continue to be able to offer services that are made possible because of the 340B Program and consider it our mission to support health centers in providing whatever care their communities need.

We commit to your FQHC, working closely with your team to meet your needs for day-to-day 340B Program participation and compliance. This includes operating as a dedicated team of employees for your health center rather than just a contractor or consulting firm. We want to help you sustain the vital services of the 340B Program so you can instead focus on what you do best: providing care.

Company History

Michael Gonzalez, the founder of FQHC 340B Compliance, noticed a real need for assistance in ensuring 340B compliance and decided to step up to meet that need. The company began in 2016 as a one-man operation, performing external 340B audits. In 2017, a return client requested more support in managing their 340B Program, to help correct ongoing issues and provide oversight for the day-to-day operations with 340B compliance. With that request, FQHC 340B Compliance was created. 

Since the creation of FQHC 340B Compliance, we have helped many health centers improve their 340B Program compliance processes. We have expanded our services to meet the expanding needs of the FQHC’s we support, and have created a team of Apexus-Certified 340B Experts in the fields of auditing, accounting, pharmacy management, and more, to provide those services.

The 340B Program is an incredibly vital resource to many FQHCs but can be challenging to navigate. When 340B Program oversight falls to an already busy member of your organization, such as the COO/CFO, the process can be stressful, and key compliance aspects can fall through the cracks. FQHC 340B Compliance has the knowledge, experience, and capacity to serve your FQHC and ensure the success of your 340B supported services.

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"We're proud to partner with FQHCs across the country. We want to make sure they can continue taking advantage of the 340B program, and continue providing these vital services to communities that depend on them."

Michael Gonzalez

Chief Financial Officer and Founder

Our Leadership Team

Trust in our collaborative approach and let us demonstrate why our team is the perfect partner for your success.

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Michael Gonzalez

340B ACE - Chief Financial Officer & Founder

Michael Gonzalez has spent the last eight years dedicated to supporting health centers through 340B Program and pharmacy consultation and management. Over the years, these services have expanded to include Monthly 340B Program Coordination, Annual External 340B Program Audits, HRSA Audit Support, 340B ESP Support, 340B Program Referral Management, Entity-Owned Pharmacy Development Support, and Pharmacy and 340B Consulting.

Prior to founding his current organization, Michael worked as the audit manager for a well-known Certified Public Accounting firm in the southeast that specializes in financial advisory and auditing of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and other non-profit organizations. During his four-year tenure at Terry Horne C.P.A. & Associates, Michael performed over 120 audits and provided support around FQHC tax documents, cost reports, budgets, and HRSA On-Site Visits.

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Felicity Homsted

PharmD, MBA, 340B ACE - Chief Executive Officer

Felicity Homsted works with health centers across the country to manage and improve their 340B and pharmacy programs. Felicity is the creator and host of 340B Ladies Who Lunch and Learn Webinar Series, for women in 340B to learn, grown and build community. Dr. Homsted is also a Co-Lead Investigator for the National Institute on Drug Abuse - Clinical Trials Network Research Study CTN-0116: Pharmacist-Integrated Collaborative Model of Medication Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder.

Prior to transitioning into the consulting space to support more entities nationally, Dr. Homsted was Chief Pharmacy Officer for Penobscot Community Health Center, Maine’s largest FQHC. She was responsible for the administration of four pharmacies, integrated pharmacy services, and two accredited pharmacy residency programs. She served as Subject Matter Expert for the Apexus 340B Prime Vendor Program, Apexus 340B University Faculty, and Apexus 340B Operations Certificate modules author.

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Darren Marsh

PharmD, 340B ACE - Director of Pharmacy Services

Darren Marsh assists 340B covered entities nationwide in opening, evaluating, and optimizing entity-owned pharmacies to maximize 340B savings. He also provides guidance on 340B compliance, financial reporting, and day-to-day 340B Program management. In addition to his role at FQHC 340B, Darren also serves as Chair for the Florida Primary Care Association Pharmacy Round Table and the Apexus 340B Prime Vendor Program FQHC Advisory Council.

Previously, Darren was responsible for the operational oversight and regulatory compliance of entity-owned pharmacies, the 340B Program, and pharmacy benefits at his FQHC in Florida. Here, he oversaw nine entity-owned pharmacies where he maximized pharmacy utilization and 340B savings; provided Medication Therapy Management (MTM), hospital transitions-of-care, and medication adherence services to improve patient outcomes; and increased associated STAR & HEDIS scores. He was responsible for 340B contract pharmacy implementation, oversight, and auditing. He also managed pharmacy benefits and formulary recommendations to reduce health care expenditures for the plan members and the organization.

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Logan Yoho

PharmD, BCACP, 340B ACE - Director of Pharmacy Services

Logan Yoho brings nearly a decade of experience in the 340B industry to the FQHC 340B team, where he focuses on implementing and optimizing entity-owned pharmacies. He also supports health centers in maintaining successful and compliant 340B Programs, as well as providing information and guidance for 340B advocacy and government affairs. In addition to his work here, Dr. Yoho is the current President of the Ohio Pharmacists Association.

Previously, Logan served the Director of Pharmacy for Hopewell Health Centers in Ohio, where he opened their first entity-owned pharmacy and significantly grew the pharmacy and 340B Programs. He has also served as Apexus 340B University Faculty, Apexus 340B Operations Certificate module author, and Chair of the Ohio 340B FQHC Consortium. He has been the recipient of multiple awards including the 2020 OPA Under 40 Recognition Award, the 2022 ONU Distinguished Young Alumni Award, the 2023 NACHC Elizabeth K. Cooke Grassroots Advocacy Award, and the 2023 NCPA Pharmacy Leadership Award.

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LaNika Ellis

CPhT, 340B ACE - Director of External Audits

LaNika Ellis leverages more than 10 years of 340B and pharmacy technician experience to provide annual external 340B Program audits to health centers across the country. Her real-world experience in both arenas allows her to not only prepare covered entities for HRSA 340B audits and evaluate 340B Program compliance, but also to recommend realistic solutions to challenges or compliance risks that may be uncovered during her audits. She is closely involved in providing oversight for the monthly coordinators, HRSA audit support, reviewing FQHC Policies and Procedures, and helping to ensure monthly that no Medicaid duplicate discounts occur.

LaNika previously served as 340B Coordinator and Lead Pharmacy Technician for eight years at one of the largest FQHC’s in Mississippi. In this role, she was involved in the oversight of 340B for more than 40 contract pharmacies, 17 clinics, and one entity-owned pharmacy. While there, she helped her health center successfully navigate a HRSA 340B Audit.

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Taylor Maynard

340B ACE - Director of Monthly Services

Taylor Maynard was the first employee Michael hired at FQHC 340B Compliance and has been integral to the growth of the company and development of additional services to best support our clients. Today, she focuses on ensuring comprehensive 340B Program support for the more than 40 clients that utilize our Monthly Coordinator service. This encompasses monthly qualified claim auditing for diversion and duplicate discounts, as well as navigating manufacturer restrictions and 340B ESP, contract pharmacy implementation and oversight, TPA implementation and oversight, staff education, and managing unique challenges and scenarios that health centers encounter within their 340B Programs. She also assists in the training, education, and growth of our team here at FQHC 340B.

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Chris Christian

340B ACE - Pharmacy Services & HRSA Audit Manager

Chris Christian specializes in assisting health centers implement and optimize entity-owned pharmacies as well as supporting health centers prepare for and navigate HRSA 340B audits. In addition, he assists clinics with financial reporting, policy and procedure development, contract pharmacy arrangements, and 340B compliance.

Prior to joining the FQHC 340B team, Chris served a number of roles at Carolina Health Centers over the course of 10 years, including Family Medicine Practice Manager, Financial Analyst, and 340B Compliance Manager. In his time there, he managed day-to-day operations of 12 clinics, performed financial analyses for the organization, and oversaw 340B compliance for the organization, which included 2 entity-owned pharmacies, 20 contract pharmacies, and clinic-administered drugs across 12 clinics.

Chris also served in the U.S. Army Reserves as a Health Services Officer in the Medical Service Corps for 11 years and as a Human Resources Specialist for 3 years. During his service, Chris served a tour in Afghanistan working as a Medical Evacuation Manager and as a Battalion Medical Officer.

Association Memberships

340B ACE Certification

All members of our leadership team are 340B Apexus Certified Experts. We know it’s important to stay on top of the best tools and most up-to-date news and information about 340B issues, and the 340B ACE certification demonstrates this ongoing commitment to excellence.

The 340B ACE certification is the industry standard for ensuring competency and ongoing proficiency in the 340B program. With rigorous testing standards and a host of resources for ACE certified professionals, the 340B ACE certification provides a substantial network of connectivity and access to timely industry knowledge for 340B compliance. 

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