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Independent 340B Audit

Our independent 340B Program audits are designed to review the same areas examined during HRSA audits, to ensure your 340B Program is compliant and you are prepared in the event of a true HRSA audit. Our team of accountants, auditors, and pharmacists comb through all aspects of your 340B Program and work with you to identify realistic solutions for any potential compliance risks. A final report is provided to your management team to summarize all areas reviewed and any necessary next steps to improve or maintain 340B Program compliance.

Comprehensive Audits, Tailored Solutions

In our independent 340B audit, our team of dedicated experts works with your team, utilizing random and targeted assessment methods, to review the following areas:


TPA settings and functionality


Prescription data and clinic administered drug documentation in the medical record


Policies and procedures


340B Program operations and oversight


OPAIS database accuracy


340B savings opportunity optimization


And more!

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Why hire us to perform an independent 340B audit? 

To make sure we are the best at what we do, our team stays up to date on all requirements of 340B. This includes attending 340B conferences and educational opportunities, maintaining credentials related to 340B compliance, and keeping up-to-date on 340B news and changes. We consider our dedication to learning an asset in providing services to health centers around the country.

Preserving Savings, Enhancing Compliance

We have more than doubled 340B savings for many of our health centers, which allows them to better assist patients in need. We want to make sure you can do what you do best, while we do what we do best. Together we can ensure you know what you need to do for 340B Program success for your health center, and your patients.


340B Audit Resources

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"I appreciate the expertise and experience on these matters that are more difficult to navigate in the 340B realm. This process helped me to develop processes within our program further and reporting that I have wanted to incorporate and failed to previously make a priority."

Troy Coulson, PharmD

Director of Pharmacy - Community Family Clinic Pharmacy

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