Compliance, Simplified: Our Monthly 340B Coordinator Program

Why work with a 340B Coordinator?

Our dedicated team of 340B analysts, accountants, pharmacists, and 340B experts work as an extension of your health center, ensuring that your 340B Program's day-to-day operations remain compliant and that your 340B savings are maximized. This service is great for health centers just starting their 340B Program, those without a designated 340B coordinator, or any health center that needs additional assistance in maintaining their 340B program.

We perform monthly internal audits, utilizing both random and targeted selection methods.  If any questions or areas of concern arise, we will follow through with finding a solution and communicating it clearly to your team. We want to reduce diverted claims, and improve your operational efficiency while ensuring 340B compliance for your health center, every day.

Navigating 340B Complexity, One Health Center at a Time

When contracting with us on 340B compliance, our experts will work closely with your team, installing themselves as if they were employees, rather than distant or automated contractors. Our 340B compliance process includes:


Monitoring TPA settings and functionality


Reviewing prescription data and clinic administered drug documentation in the medical record


Performing random and targeted claim audits to ensure no diversion or duplicate discounts have occurred


Monitoring compliance with state medicaid requirements


Supporting the maintenance of 340B policies and procedures


Reviewing accuracy of OPAIS database information


Navigating manufacturer restrictions


Providing easy to understand monthly reports summarizing your 340B Program's compliance health and estimated financial performance


Updating health center staff on 340B hot topics and changes


Triaging challenges and opportunities as they arise, alongside the health center's staff

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Why should you trust FQHC 340B Compliance?

To ensure we are the best at what we do, our team stays up to date on all requirements of 340B. This includes attending 340B conferences and educational opportunities, maintaining credentials related to 340B compliance, and keeping up-to-date on 340B news and changes. We consider our dedication to learning an asset in providing services to health centers nationwide.

We Coordinate Compliance, So You Can Coordinate Care

We have more than doubled 340B savings for many of our health centers, which allows them to better assist patients in need. We want to make sure you can do what you do best, while we do what we do best. Together we can ensure 340B program success for your health center, and your patients.


Monthly 340B Coordinator Resources

Review our hand-picked resources related to 340B compliance and our contract 340B coordinator service

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"We're proud to partner with FQHCs across the country. We want to make sure they can continue taking advantage of the 340B program, and continue providing these vital services to communities that depend on them."

Michael Gonzalez

Chief Financial Officer and Founder

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