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340B Monthly Coordinator Services

Our team of accountants, auditors, and pharmacists perform regular audits and provide practical, easy-to-understand reports outlining needed changes to ensure continued 340B compliance and optimization.

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Entity-Owned Pharmacy Services

Our team of experts provide comprehensive, hands-on support for your organization, maximizing compliance, efficiency, and sustainability for your new or existing entity-owned pharmacy.

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External Audits

Does your 340B Program need an annual check-up? We review all of the aspects of the program that HRSA would review in an audit, provide feedback on how to improve compliance in any areas of risk, and deliver a summary report for your FQHC's management.

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HRSA Audit Support

While no one wants to go through a 340B HRSA audit, our team is here to help you have a smooth, successful experience. Whether you are just looking for someone to tell you what to expect, help you collect and prepare the required information, or work through the audit itself, we are here to support you.

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Referral Capture Services

We work with you to define your organization's approach to referral prescriptions in your policies and procedures, and then work within these parameters to compliantly process referral prescriptions as 340B eligible for your health center. This allows you to maximize your 340B savings while ensuring continued 340B compliance.

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About Us

At FQHC 340B Compliance, we understand that 340B is a critical resource for your health center. We also know 340B Compliance can be difficult to navigate.

Our specialized knowledge in 340B allows us to install ourselves as your very own 340B Compliance Program. We work directly with your health center’s team to secure and improve 340B Compliance, offering custom solutions to address your specific needs.


65 Combined Years Of Pharmacy Experience


500+ Audits Performed


120 Pharmacies Supported In-House

Customer Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

Jessica Zimmerman

Rural Medical Services

"The FQHC 340B staff is amazing! Any issues, questions, or problems we have they go above and beyond to help us resolve. They are very knowledgeable with 340B rules, regulations, and procedures and have helped us improve our program. They have been helpful with both internal and contract pharmacy audits, as well as preparing clear, precise, and thorough reports that we can present to our board and 340B Compliance group."

Jill Bishop

East Central Mississippi Healthcare, Inc.

 "Michael and his team are great to work with; providing comprehensive monthly audits of our 340B program as well as technical assistance, including contract review for adding new contracted pharmacies. I highly recommend their services!"

Gillian Saunders

Housing Works Community Healthcare

"Our experience with FQHC 340B was by far the best of our 340B external audits. The consultant was extremely thorough and detailed in reviewing all components of our program. He provided relevant recommendations for improvement and continues to be accessible for support in their implementation. I would highly recommend FQHC 340B for this service."


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